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Saturday, 2 December 2017

"Earth" -Brian T Collins 432Hz

Podcast 3 - Students in Support of Free Speech York University

"The Great Culling" Official Water Trailer 2

thanks to Chris Maple, Paul Wittenberger, Dr. David Kennedy DDS, Paul Connett, Gary O. Pittman and many others.. we crowdfunded this film in 2012... "The Great Culling" film exposes the detrimental and unnecessary damage being done by 'community fluoridation' programmes.. its a shame more people don't research this issue and oppose it.. our children's future matters.. we cannot allow it to continue support "Safe Water Halifax" facebook.. and "Fluoridation Free Ottawa" facebook.. just ban it nationally.. that is environmentalism I can support.. true environmentalism.. where is David Suzuki on this issue:  no where .. that's where.. sad.