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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Free Speech in Universities: Threats and Opportunities ~ Dr Rick Mehta, Acadia U

Geez...Who is minding the store?

http://immigrationwatchcanada.org ... Dan Murray advises that since 1991, 250,000 immigrants per year; 7 million newcomers... why? That amount is set to increase to 400,000 per year under Trudeau's regime ... follow more on this immigration/migration "Century Initiative" at Prof. Ricardo Duchesne's http://eurocanadian.ca .. Council of European Canadians... do you believe that Canadians should have a say? I do.

Patrick Wood "Technocracy"

2020: Our Common Destiny / Opt Out from "Sackville Schools 2020"

#stop communitarians #stop technocracy #actively countering the 'narrative' of 2020 that's forcefully being peddled by the usual suspects [communitarians]..... for more information on communitarianism and how it looks and acts [dictatorship of community] please go to http://nord.twu.net/acl ... enjoy their ebook by contacting Niki Raapana ... co-author with Nordica Friedrich of "2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto" .. recommending the 'opt out' from the communitarian planners ... support indie ACL Books, Alaska USA

Leftist Censorship of Dissidents Will Backfire

Interview with Liz McLaughlin

Breaking the Silence with Prof. Rick Mehta, Acadia University

Friday, 3 November 2017

John Lamb Lash - Lecture on Pre-historic Stellar Mythology

This is an older talk from John ..fascinating..  his more recent work "Not In His Image", 2006 from Vermont book publishers in White River Junction "Chelsea Green Publishing" is essential reading...

Tantramar Landowners Association : It's Time for a Tax Revolt in Canada [Edmonton Sun]

Tantramar Landowners Association : It's Time for a Tax Revolt in Canada [Edmonton Sun...: This country badly needs a tax revolt. According to a report released this week by Vancouver’s Fraser Institute, the average Canadian fam...

Communitarianism ~ a brief tutorial in memes

Communitarianism is all around you... if you are able to discern the players and avoid them.. you'll be fine...

"Sackville Schools 2020" has so much push behind it and so much government funding and promotion its clearly more 'communitarianism' .. I opt out from all sorts of 'collectivism' .. and I suggest others do too.. they are so very desperate to control society, the thoughts of individuals, and our children's future I consider them a hazard.. I have no hestitation in opposing communitarians and exposing their control freakery.. it matters.. its matters because individualism should be valued and individuals should be respected, not 'programmed'.